1. Anonymous said: this blog fucking sucks.

    Oh shit, you’re right. Good looking out, anon. I’ll stop now. 

    2 years ago

  2. I lied

    The YES and NO will return next week. 

    2 years ago

  3. Photobomb

    This man artfully photobombed his own photo. What sets him apart from every cam whore since Myspace? If you have to ask, you’ll never know.

    Everyone wants to photobomb so badly now that even the foreground/focus is often a photobomb, these days. 

    2 years ago

  4. Protest

    When you’re angry about something, fucking be angry about it. Don’t be passive aggressive. Don’t write an allegory about it. Don’t tweet about it. Be. Angry. ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!

    "And we stand up for shit that matters! Like wearing things like this!!!"

    2 years ago

  5. In The Crowd

    Around this girl, the rest of the world just appears to be shades of grey… not the shitty erotica book. 

    This guy is back from the future of fashion and modeling to tell us all that there is no hope. The future is littered with the ruins of the magazine industry, and the only appropriate accessory is a cane to help you walk through the post-apocalyptic landscape littered with anorexic, bone-lost skulls. 

    2 years ago

  6. 80s Pop Culture

    Quite simply put, why doesn’t this happen more often? Surely we can muster up two horny computer geeks in this day and age.

    "I am She-ra! Princess of Power! Now, what can I get you, hun? We got a special on Grand Slams."

    2 years ago

  7. What?

    As much as I absolutely positively despise duckface, this girl’s on a whole nother thing. She’s daring us to say something about it, and I am backing down.

    This one’s kind of meta. The kid in this photo is all of us, standing there saying, “Now, just what kind of pinko idiocy is this before me?” 

    [We’ve got some pretty sweet pants on. - Ed.]

    2 years ago

  8. Leggings

    There’s so little of a fuck being given here that this could be called a dry hump.

    This is happening whether you want it to or not.

    2 years ago

  9. The Streets

    I’m sure there’s some artistry intended here, but all I’m seeing is grass-covered tits… and I’m OK with that.

    I’m sure there’s some artistry intended here, but all I’m seeing is grass-covered ass… and I’m not OK with that. 

    2 years ago

  10. Shirtless

    Even this guy himself was caught off guard by his bare-chested allure as he trekked through the woods on his way to have sex with every woman in the world. 

    When you take off your shirt, you probably shouldn’t continue to be monochromatic.

    2 years ago