1. Appearances

    He offered me one of them for my hair.

    Now, at first glance this might seem like your run-of-the-mill posing on 6th Street (Keep Austin weird!) after drinks pic, but that is certainly not the case here. These people were walking down the street in this formation because the guy in the middle owns the other five. When you’re rich enough to buy five minority folk in this day and age, you can let an evil grin slip from time to time. And those jeans he’s wearing? Those aren’t Levis, people. That’s the skin of a black man painted blue.

    Prom king had on a Burger King crown.

    This is not Halloween, you guys. These people really showed up to prom dressed like the Crocodile Hunter, Carmen San Diego, and one of the twins from The Matrix Reloaded. There’s nothing fabulous about that at all, but I guess there’s nothing wrong with it when there’s already been a homicide before you can walk the red-dyed Slip & Slide.

    2 years ago